Saturday, August 6, 2011

Graffiti-style Stencil Workshop

I had the great pleasure of attending a workshop at happymess art studio in Durham this week.

It was so much fun! Tarish was great as he helped us create fun stencils in a style that, to be honest, would not have been my first choice. And isn't that what Jack's Crafts is about? Learning something new, and having fun doing it?

So, first thing we did was go through a bunch of magazines, looking for pictures.

Tarish helped us chose pictures without too much detail, with a high contrast, and a great image. Here is the ad that I chose to work from.

Next, we placed carbon paper over a regular "For Sale" sign and traced over the picture. Once again, we relied on Tarish to help us see the shadows we could add, as well as the spaces our eyes would fill in (so we didn't need to cut them out.) We carefully cut out the spaces we wanted to be painted. I'm a slow worker, so it took me a couple of hours. Another guy in our class was done in forty-five minutes.

me and felicia, hard at work!

my stencil before I started cutting on it

Once they were cut out, we placed our stencils over paper and rolled acrylic paint over top. They turned out great!

I've got some mixed media plans for her.

Have you taken any fun classes lately?

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