Sunday, July 3, 2011

Painted Chair Auction

For a few years, my better half and I were involved in animal rescue work. We volunteered with Independent Animal Rescue, an organization that finds homes for hundreds of animals every year. It’s a group that I feed deserves a huge shout-out. It is a non-profit run completely by volunteers who really care about their animals. And coming up is a way to help them out.

Though IAR has many fundraisers throughout the year, my favorite by far is the Painted Chair Auction. The gem of the evening is the live auction. Emily Weinstein, Kathryn DeMarco, and Paula MacLeod lead workshops, in which participants create fabulous furniture that is auctioned off. The auction itself is lively and entertaining. The part of the PCA that I enjoy most is the silent auction. Volunteers spend months gathering hand-crafted items, often culling from premiere Etsy sellers and other truly amazing local artists. There is always really great food, good wine, and very nice people--an event that is very deserving of my first Sunday Shout Out!

We plan to be there to support IAR, and I hope you will be, too!

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