Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rope Bracelet DIY

I will be the first to admit that I have plenty of reasons to hate the ‘80s. Bad hair, bad jeans, blue eyeshadow, middle school... need I say more?

One fond memory I do have of the ‘80s is the rope friendship bracelets you could buy out of the vending machines for a quarter. So, when I saw this tutorial from Honestly... WTF, how could I resist?

The tutorial calls for 2mm rope, but all I could find at my local REI was 3mm and 4mm. I also wanted to go beyond the S-ring they used. I love the grungy look it provides, but to me--with all the camping and backpacking we did as kids--I needed something more nature-inspired. I had the perfect toggle that I’d picked up at Michael’s a while back. The tutorial was very easy to follow--way to go Honestly... WTF!

I love my new bracelet and it took me fewer than five minutes to put together. I do wish I had the smaller rope, as the 4mm is a bit thick for me. But there’s such a homey feel about the colors and the pattern--I love it!

Let me know how your bracelets turn out!

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